Instanet's Big Switch - Less Than a Month Away

The Instanet Platform will be changing its interface and will be providing new features to manage your forms on January 31, 2017. To prepare for this change, MiRealSource will be offering several ways for our members to prepare themselves for the big switch!

1. In-House Classes - We’ve made room in our class schedule to add even more Instanet classes on MiRealSource’s class calendar. Check out the Homepage calendar in Paragon to view dates or click here to see the class schedule and register today. Do not wait!

2. Traveling Classes - Per request, we have many Instanet traveling classes reserved at offices. If you would like to request a traveling class at your office please call (248) 247-1040 to schedule an available date and time for January or February.

3. Webinar - Under the MiRealSource Education folder in Paragon’s MLS Documents, you will find a handout regarding the New Instanet with a video link to a recorded webinar on the new Instanet.


T: 248-247-1040

F: 248-247-1045


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