Scheduling An Open House in Paragon

Properly scheduling an open house in Paragon is more beneficial than ever before. In addition to increasing the chances of having a successful open house, Paragon also shares the information you have entered with ListTrac. ListTrac has many unique features that can be used for marketing your listings including the ability to promote your scheduled open houses with details and remarks.

A beautiful Open House description will be available on the automated single property website, visible in the dashboard of listings (on ListTrac), and will auto populate the details of the open house when posting on social media. Instead of adding your open house to the listing's public remark fields and having to go back and edit the information after the open house, it can be automated by simply entering it into Paragon.

Adding an Open House to your listing is simple! Follow the steps below:

Click on the Listings button on the main menu. Under the maintain column click on Listings.

Locate the listing you want to add the open house to and click on Select an Action.

The Select An Action modal will open. Click on Open House.

Click on “+ Add New

Enter in the Date, Time and Optional Comments. And finally, click Save.


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