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We recently announced that we have partnered with ShowingTime to provide you with elegant and easy-to-use statistics in a new suite of market reports and interactive tools called MarketStats – including InfoSparks, FastStats, Local Market Updates and Monthly Indicators. These products will go a long way toward a broader understanding of the prevailing trends in our local housing market.

Further training on these tools will be held on:

Wednesday November 2nd at 10:00 am - 11:30 am

At MiRealSource's Learning Center, located in Troy.

Click here to register!

To access the MarketStats Suite:

1. Visit the Resources Tab in Paragon and select MarketStats

2. You can also find MarketStats as a quick action link on each property. The criteria pulled will be based off area and elements of that specific listing.


InfoSparks combines local geography with customizable housing variables, timeframes and market metrics in order to quickly analyze and share trend data in a clean, intuitive interface.

Local Market Updates are monthly, one-page market reports for nearly 500 pre-defined geographic areas in the region covering nine key housing metrics for single-family detached and single-family attached properties.

Monthly Indicators is a monthly, market-wide report that covers each of the key metrics in further depth with written analysis, overview pages for single-family detached and single-family attached properties, and historical trends for each metric.

FastStats is a tidy, map-based interface that displays Local Market Updates and Monthly Indicators. Simply select an area to see a useful report!

Provided by ShowingTime, these tools allow us to support your needs in a meaningful way without you having to spend hours creating your own data tables and charts. Here are just a few of the many possible uses:

  • Generate charts to support your recommendations at listing presentations.

  • Compare local to regional numbers to better pinpoint what’s happening in unique micromarkets.

  • Manage client expectations by answering the emotional point of price.

  • Emphasize your expertise and knowledge online and through email marketing campaigns.

  • Write about a neighborhood with local stats to back you up.

  • Highlight a metric like months’ supply of inventory to show supply and demand.

  • Investigate submarkets like condominium and new construction.

  • Compare up to four areas by several housing variables and market metrics at once.

  • Define variable categories like property type, square footage and bedroom count.

  • Scan important market metrics like days on market and median sales price for your defined areas.

  • Share live charts and snapshots of the market or download raw data to make your own charts.


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