Classic Search Option via Power Search

A new option is available via Power Search to allow users to alternatively run a Classic Search, which is the previous method before we launched Power Search. Both options for searches are now available.

In addition to the new View Classic Search link, a new tool tip will appear when the user hovers over the new link to detail the fields that will be searched when the link is clicked. View Classic Search acts exactly how the search worked prior to the Power Search update in Paragon limited only to Street Name Listing ID’s and Asking Price Range.

Clicking View Classic Search simply takes the information typed into the Power Search field and runs the search exactly like it did before displaying the spreadsheet view. The Spreadsheet View displays all matching criteria from the search. An example of using the optional Classic Search is when you may not be completely sure which “123 Main Street” listing to select when the results are displayed. Simply click View Classic Search, and it will show all matches in a spreadsheet with more details to visually narrow down your search.


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