Data Sharing Update

MiRealSource has been data sharing listings from 11 GLR MLSs “live” in our system for years. Since March 23rd of this year, we have been integrating listing data from the 12th MLS (Realcomp).

In the first few weeks, while this latest integration of Realcomp data was under construction, there were delays in the synchronizing of listing data from one MLS to another. We have been working to resolve this and are happy to report that this week, the data is flowing between MLSs in both directions within two (2) hours.

Some members have questioned whether a particular listing did in fact flow from one MLS to another MLS because they were not able to locate that particular listing.

MiRealSource and Realcomp both attempt to eliminate duplicate listings and renumber MLS ID numbers. Because of this process, either searching by the MLS ID number or searching a listing that was a duplicate, may not result in finding that particular listing - therefore, we encourage members to search by address.

SEARCHING BY ADDRESS (instructions) click here.

We also encourage members to NOT enter duplicate listings into more than one GLR MLS. The sooner we can eliminate the duplicates, naturally, instead of an internal process after they are entered, the sooner the user’s experience with the data is improved.

If you have questions in regards to the ability to find a data share listing in Paragon or a listing sent from another GLR MLS, please contact our support at 248-247-1040 or

MiRealSource Members no longer need to belong to another MLS participating in the GLR. Input your listing once in MiRealSource and have the listing “automatically” feed to the other 11 GLR MLS’s listed below:

Ann Arbor Area Board of REALTORS®

Down River Association of REALTORS®

East Central Association of REALTORS®

Greater Shiawassee Association of REALTORS®

Hillsdale County Board of REALTORS®

Jackson Area Association of REALTORS®

Lenawee County Association of REALTORS®

MiRealSource MLS

Monroe County Association of REALTORS®

Montcalm County Association of REALTORS®

Realcomp II Ltd. (NEW)

Saginaw Board of REALTORS®

Listing Entry within Paragon provides MANY beneficial features:


1. Partial Feature – SAVE as a partial before it goes “Live” to MLS, Prospecting, Syndication, and IDX.

2. High Resolution Photos – includes Captions & Descriptions

3. Autofill Tax Records From Data Sheet Or Within Paragon’s Tax Auto Fill (4:10 min)

4. Assume Identity Feature

Please see previous communications regarding duplication, searching addresses, and the scheduling of non-MiRealSource listings below:


Please be mindful of the duplication process between our data-sharing partners. As long as offices continue to enter listings in multiple MLSs; the system has to process and remove duplicates.

Multiple MLS entry is no longer necessary and the stopping of multiple MLS entry will speed up the data sharing faster between MLSs. For an explanation of the removal of duplicates, click here.


To make consumer calls easier and to find listings within Paragon that are not original listings within MiRealSource, we suggest you use the Power Search Bar (located top left in Paragon) to SEARCH THE ADDRESS (do NOT search the MLS#).

You can ALSO use the Address Search in the Paragon’s Quick Search or Detailed Search. CLICK here for more info for PROPERTY SEARCH BY ADDRESS.


Currently, the quick action link is working on MiRealSource originating MLS listings ONLY. Our team is working on a solution to add the quick action link for all GLR listings from other MLSs in the coming weeks. Scheduling showings on other GLR MLS listings is EASY! Simply go to RESOURCES in your Tool Bar in Paragon and click on ShowingTime or download the ShowingTime App (for an explanation of using ShowingTime (in Resources) or the ShowingTime App, click here.


T: 248-247-1040

F: 248-247-1045


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