The All New TransactionDesk is Here!

The newest form of Transaction Desk is here! This all-new platform still has all the great features of the older version, but with a new, modern, and mobile-friendly look and feel.

The new modern look is also streamlined so it’s both easier to use and more powerful. Here are a few key highlights:

  1. The new TransactionDesk is dashboard-based, so you can get more information and quicker access to things you need with fewer clicks.

  2. You can see recently created transactions, forms and signings right on your home page and access them with one click.

  3. You can customize the dashboard so it works best for you.

  4. It works better on mobile devices and is touch friendly, so it's easier to use on the go.

  5. Offers better organization for documents using subfolders. Drag and drop files from your computer.

  6. Includes all-new transaction checklists to keep you organized.

  7. Includes more powerful brokerage tools for company document and file management.

It’s very easy to get this new look and feel within TransactionDesk! It’s with one click to change your view. However below is a list of things to know before switching to the new system’s view.

Important Things to Know:

  1. There is nothing else to do - All your transactions, forms, documents and data will be there in the new system - they already are! You’ll still be using the same database, just a different interface on top of it.

  2. You can still use the old system. If you want to switch back and forth, you can. And, anything you create in one version, will be available in the other version - except Quick Start Groups (see the next item).

  3. Quick Start Groups have been merged with Transaction Templates. Any Quick Start Groups you created in the old system are now in the new system as Templates. You won’t lose any work.

  4. When you start a transaction, indicate you want to use a template and you’ll see your old Quick Start Groups listed that (and any templates you created in the old system).

  5. So, to add groups of forms to a transaction now, just choose a template.

  6. For a helpful video click here

  7. Any questions, contact our technical support at 248-247-1040


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