Data Integration and Duplication

MiRealSource would like to report that we have been successfully migrating/importing Realcomp’s data as of March 23rd, 2016. You can see all 12 MLSs worth of data, from the GLR, within Paragon—including Realcomp’s data.

While we have been doing our best to remove duplicates, some questions have been asked regarding the duplication of listings within the system and why we are removing them. To help answer these questions: it has to do with the data sharing and the heavy crossover in listings between MiRealSource and Realcomp. Any listings that are entered slightly different in one MLS, over another, including Expiration Date, Property ID and Address/County, would not be flagged as a duplicate, and is recorded as a unique listing. Therefore, you would see two (2) of the same listings in your MLS search. We are removing duplicate listings to keep statistics accurate and avoid any confusion in the long run for agents and their prospecting accounts.

When two of the exact same listings are entered with no discrepancies in Expiration Date, Property ID or Address/County—duplication of listings is automatically flagged through Paragon. When entering into multiple MLSs, the home MLS removes the duplicates from other sharing partners.

For example: If you enter a listing in MiRealSource first and enter it into RealComp second—MiRealSource will remove the Realcomp Duplicate and only show the MiRealSource entered listing.

To make consumer calls easier and to find listings within Paragon that are not original listings within MiRealSource, we suggest you use the Power Search Bar, at the top left and search the address, not the MLS#. Or you can ALSO use the Address Search in the Paragon’s Quick Search or Detailed Search. (See images below)

Power Search

Quick Search

Detailed Search

Please keep in mind; this is temporary until offices start only entering data into their MLS of Choice.

MLS of Choice has been the overall goal of the Great Lakes Repository since day one. This allows real estate professionals to see the data in one location, and includes offers of cooperation and compensation.

This same data sharing operation has been conducted 11 other times in eight (8) successful years, and there has always been crossover in listings that result in duplication, which usually diminish after a couple months.

Thank you for your support and understanding in moving forward with data sharing, and making the overall goal of the GLR beneficial for all!


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