Assume Identity & Ways to Use it

Assume Identity allows for Brokers, Agents, Admins, and Assistants to function as another Paragon user, without needing to know the other users’ login information. In Paragon, there are two (2) scenarios that the Assume Identity feature can be utilized for – One (1) being for Office Administrators, and two (2) for Agent Assistants and Teams.

Office Administrators can access Paragon with their own individual login credentials and help maintain internal workflow processes. Assume the Identity of agents in the office and access additional integrated programs within Paragon. The cost for an Office Administrator login is $4.50 per month, billed to the office. This is a great benefit for agents that use the partial listing feature in Paragon.

Agent/Team Assistants can also have their own individual login to Paragon, Assume the Identity of the agent or team members they work for, without causing security interference. This will allow the assistant to help with listing management, social media/lead generation, creating CMA’s and more. The cost for an Agent/Team Administrative Assistant is $9.00 per month, billed to the office. Similar to Office Administrators, this is a great benefit for agents that use the partial listing feature in Paragon as well.

Brokers will have an additional container in their Preferences for assigning the Assume Identity feature for their profile. Adding a user to the Assume Identify list will allow them to assume the Broker’s identity while logged into their own account. This will give them access to the Broker profile as if they were logged into the account, without having to give them the username and password.

How to use the Assume Identity feature:

**Before you assume someone else’s identity, be sure to save any work you have open in your Paragon login.

  1. From the Home Page click on the link Assume Identity towards the top-right of Paragon.

  1. Only a list of names of Paragon users who have given you their permission to assume their identity will appear. Select the name of the person you wish to work as and click Assume.

You are now working in Paragon as though you are the person you assumed. You have access to their preference settings, saved searches, CMAs, contacts, lead generation tools, and reports etc.

After you have completed your task(s) as the other identity, click on the Assume Identity link again to either change to another identity (if applicable) or return to your own Paragon identity. This brings up the same select box you used earlier except that now you have the option to go back to your own account.

Again, when you leave an identity to go to another or back to your own, you will be flagged to save any work on the identity you are leaving.

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