Scheduling Showings for Non-Member (GLR) Listings in ShowingTime

CURRENT WORK AROUND: MiRealSource members can continue to schedule showings via ShowingTime for Non-Member Great Lakes Repository (GLR) listings, however, it will take a few steps to do so while the programming is worked out to allow scheduling showings across other MLSs in the GLR.


1. Simply find and click on the RESOURCES tab in Paragon, then choose ShowingTime (as shown on the right).

2. From the ShowingTime homepage, select the Showings tab (left side of page – under Home tab) and then select Make New Request.

3. REQUESTING THE APPOINTMENT: Search for the listing by first selecting the Advanced Search option, then search by one or a combination of the following: Address, Subdivision, GLR#, and Listing ID Agent ID's/Name. In the example, the address was entered.

4. CLICK ON THE LISTING: You will be taken to the Listing Details and Your Profile.

Verify that your contact information is correct and choose one (1) of the following options:

  • Schedule a Single Showing to request a showing for this listing only.

  • Add to ShowingCart™ to either create a “new cart” or add it to an “existing cart” for your buyer(s). *see diagram below

5. Schedule a Single Listing (for example purposes): To request a Showing on this property at 11:00 am on March 12th - CLICK a specific time block for the date and time your appointment will “begin”.

NEXT: You are asked to Verify Your Appointment Details before the request is sent. Indicate the Type of Appointment (1st, 2nd or 3rd Appointment, Agent Preview, Inspection, or Appraisal). ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: Indicate the Latest Time that you Might Be at The Property, and/or to Add a Note for the Listing Agent. If everything is correct – CLICK YES (at bottom of screen).

6. Upon verification of the information entered (in step 5), and the request is submitted, a message will appear on your screen (as shown below) to indicate that you have successfully submitted a ShowingTime appointment and the listing agent has been notified.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Showing Request has NOT been CONFIRMED at this time. The Listing Agent will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the actual showing appointment.


T: 248-247-1040

F: 248-247-1045


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