Paragon Search Bar Becomes Power Search

The Power Search Bar is now redesigned to get to your results faster! The New Power Search gives Paragon users the ability to quickly find targeted results in highly used areas of Paragon, such as Searching for Listings, Saved Property Searches, Contacts, Members and Offices.

This is a brand new option for the top navigation search field, which includes the ability to search Listings not only by Street Name, Listing Agent, Listing ID’s, and Asking Price Range — but now also includes Saved Searches, Full Property Addresses, Contacts and more.

This search field will now scan across multiple categories, filtering relevant items as you type, until you have located your desired result. The more you type, the more exact your results will be!

As the criteria is progressively entered into the field, the results will automatically update as values are entered.


  • When searching existing Saved Searches, the system is searching the Class Name and Search Name fields.

  • Clicking on the Saved Search category header brings you to a filtered list of the matching saved searches:

  • Clicking on a specific saved search from Power Search opens the selected search form:


When searching for Listings via Power Search, the system will search the following fields of listing information:

  • MLS Number (Single or comma separated list)

  • Full or Partial Address (including Street, Unit, Suite, Number Low, Number High, Post Direction, City, State, Zip, and Address 2 where applicable).

  • Listings are returned based on overall relevancy where Active statuses have a higher priority in the results. However, the Power Search will search and return listings of all statuses based on entered search criteria.


  • For the Contact search, Power Search will search the user’s existing contact’s First Name and Last Name fields.

  • Clicking on the Contact category header will take the user to a filtered contacts view:

  • Clicking on an individual Contact from Power Search will open the Contact record’s Contact Activity page:

Note: For optimum performance, the system is designed to return no more than 10 results for each category, based on the entered search criteria. For full result sets, we recommend the Quick Search or the category-specific Search features.


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