Market Monitor 101

The Market Monitor allows you to keep up to date with new listings and changes to listings for the whole market, your office and your personal listings. The Market Monitor is an agent-configurable snapshot of current market activity. This “widget” can be utilized by the Agent to see a visual summary of new Hotsheet matches, price changes, new listings, sold listings, or expired listings that have occurred within 24 hours to 30 days.

There are up to five (5) possible tabs on the Market Monitor: MY INFO, MARKET, OFFICE, FIRM, and TEAM. You will have some or all of these tabs depending on your Paragon access level determined by your role within your real estate office.

The MARKET tab reflects all of the New, Expired, Price Change, Hot List and Sold listings for the entire area (market) as defined by your MLS membership. This can also be customized on an agent level. Simply click on the edit widget icon at the top right corner.

Click on any of the numbers; New, Expired, Price Change, Hot List, Sold, and Pending. These numbers are links to the spreadsheet view of the listings within those categories. The property reports can be viewed directly from the spreadsheet view.

Your Market Monitor is customizable!

Simply click on the customization gear.

The customization modal will open.

You can select which tab you would like to make the default tab.

You can set the default number of days back you want the Market Monitor to display listings.

Or type in any number of days between 0 and 30 at anytime.


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