Top 5 Favorite Features of Paragon

1. The Customization:

One of the most unique and underutilized elements of Paragon, is the customization feature. With its easy and intuitive user interface, Paragon provides wide-ranging functionality with some features that are customizable down to the individual user. You can customize your Home Page Widgets, Market Monitor filters, the Quick Search as well as the Detailed Search fields, the Quick Action Links (Footer of Paragon), the Color Scheme Theme (User Interface), Report Views, and much more.

*Change Placement of Widgets in Paragon:

*Customize any of the Searches, Widgets or Fields by clicking on the editing gear in the corner:

*Change your Interface Theme and Other Content within the Preferences Tab:

2. Quick & Easy CMA:

Let’s say you want to see a quick snapshot of all the possible comparables side by side from your Detailed Search in Paragon. Simply run a full Detailed Search, and make sure to use our enhanced mapping feature with the radius address search (Subject Property), and add all necessary fields. Once you’ve completed the search, you can go to the Report Tabs and click on the CMA folder. There are two (2) options available—CMA Summary with all the raw numbers and the Quick View to see the comparable properties next to each.

*Run a Detailed Search

*Use the Enhanced Mapping Feature to Search Around a Subject Property

*Click on the Report Menu and Select the CMA Summary View or Quick View

*Quick View (side by side) or Summary (numbers)

3. Multitasking:

Doing one task at a time is ideal, HOWEVER most of the time that is not the situation for most admins or REALTORS®. At the drop of a hat, you may need to run a search, start adding a contact or possibly maintain a listing with a price change. Luckily, Paragon allows you to have multiple tasks open and run a task without closing out or starting over.

*Operate Several Different Functions/Tabs at the Same Time

4. Client Connect (portal):

Paragon has it’s own Client Portal called Client Connect with allows you to set up clients and prospects in the system with your own branded website through Paragon. It touches the live database and allows your clients to Edit Searches, Add a New Search, Favor, Reject and even leave comments on listings for you. Even though Client Connect is user-friendly and baked within Paragon, we still offer a Client Connect class. To learn more about Client Connect, check out pictures below.

*Save Search to a Client

*Add a Client and Click Save and Notify

*Click on Client Connect with Auto Notify and Set Up Portal Via Easy to Follow Wizard

5. Quick Action Links & Integration:

Anytime you pull up a listing in Paragon, there are simple Quick Action Links (Easy Buttons) that opens all the details for that particular property; unique to that icon. Such as History, Disclosers, Map Views, Cloud CMA Flyer, CMA Property Report, Community Reports, and Instanet. When clicking on the Instanet Quick Action Link, it will automatically pull all the property information to start a Purchase Agreement.


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