Associated Docs Populate Into Instanet’s Transaction Desk

Listing Associated documents (i.e. Seller’s Disclosures, Lead-based Paint) are now being automatically populated into the Purchase-side of your transaction, in Instanet (TransactionDesk).. You no longer need to download the disclosures from Paragon and upload them into Instanet's Docbox for your transaction.

ALL associated documents will now be pushed automatically into your transaction with the “One-Click-Transaction” button in Paragon. This is an added benefit to MiRealSource members; eliminating the extra five (5) steps to get the documents into Instanet’s Transaction Desk, it just simply adds it under the documents section for your transaction. For any questions or concerns, please contact MiRealSource Support @ 248-247-1040.


T: 248-247-1040

F: 248-247-1045


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