REALIST: 3 Quick Easy Ways to Access Public Record Data

Accessing Public Records Data is quick and easy! They can be accessed in three (3) different locations within Paragon and can also be auto-populated into your listing making listing entry even quicker.

  1. When viewing the listing in Paragon, simply click on the “quick action link” (Red Icon) to access Realist tax records in a report as well as a button to open the property directly into the Realist software.

2. PUBLIC TAX RECORD DETAILED REPORT: Open Realist under the ‘Tax Icon’ to search for the listing by address, tax ID, or owner’s name. The property’s public record data will be available in a detailed report.

3. AUTO-POPULATING THE PUBLIC RECORDS can save a lot of time for listing entry. Simply click on the ‘Tax Autofill’ button and select the county that the listing is located in.

Next, type in one of the required fields to search for the property and select the desired property and click 'Autofill' to see a list of the fields from Realist public records that will be auto populated into the listing. Approve and save.

NOTE: It is always best to proof the information being auto filled into the fields from Realist to be sure that the information is correct. If any field is not correct, be sure to update the information in the field(s) before saving the listing.


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