New Advanced Paragon Class-June 2015

June 2015, MiRealSource will be offering a NEW Advanced Paragon class that will cover the customization options that are available in Paragon. This is an important class for those REALTORS® and Admins that are looking to make their daily routine in Paragon easier. Advanced Customizations will do just that! This class is recommended to those that have been regularly using paragon for at least six months of and understand the “basic” features.

This NEW ADVANCED CLASS will cover several unique tools of Paragon:

Report Customization Options allow you to rearrange the layout; add or subtract fields; manage them for just yourself, your office, and/or your team!

Topic 1: Customizing Your Own Reports

a. Agent Full Legacy Report

b. Client Full Package Report

c. Agent Detail with Map Report

d. Many More

Paragon CMA Summary is discussed in the CMA class; however, if you want to add specific preferences and/or fields to the regular CMA formats (customized specifically for you) this class is for you!

Topic 2: Customizing the Paragon CMA feature

a. Rearranging the fields

b. Adding or removing fields

c. Setting default preferences—special for your office

d. CMA set up- Resume, Summaries, Checklists, Maps and More

Topic 3: Customizing Search Options

a. Rearranging fields

b. Several different “Default Searches”

c. Adding and/or Removing fields

d. Searching KEY WORDS in Remarks fields

Topic 4: New Marketing Monitor ​

a. New filters

b. Setting up Preferences: Area, County, Class, etc.

Topic 5: Footer Quick Action Links​

a. Adding favorite tools: CMA, MARKETrends, etc.

b. Adding favorite features: Maps, Hotsheets, Searches, etc.


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