New Affiliate Photographer Members

MiRealSource believes photos are the best and most important way to market your listing; and highly encourages to always use quality photos in the MLS. Although MiRealSource offers three (3) photography classes; sometimes you just want to hire a professional. After all, they are professionals!

MiRealSource has approved two (2) photography companies (which understand and agreed to our high standards—including photo quality, photo rules, copyrights, and great service).

PlanOmatic is the first photography company that MiRealSource has approved as an Affiliate Photographer Member. Affiliate Photographer Applicants must meet with MiRealSource to review the requirements and understand the needs of the members and the demands for high quality photos in the real estate industry. The MLS’s approval process of the applicants is necessary to ensure that the members are using photography services from those companies that have met those standards.

Aerius Flight also meets the necessary requirements and high standards; therefore has been approved and has joined our team as Affiliate Photographer Member. AERIUS FLIGHT IS THE 1ST AND ONLY LEGAL DRONE COMPANY IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN! We are thrilled to report the FAA has approved them for commercial purposes. With the popularity of drone photography, many agents and photographers are confused as to what is considered “legal”. Aerius Flight is the only legal company with pilot licenses. Having this approval from the FAA is important for many reasons, however Quality, Experience, and Liability purposes are just a few.

Please note that these companies are “recommended” – but are NOT REQUIRED.

All business transactions still must be done between the photographer and the REALTOR®. The photographers used by both Aerius Flight and PlanOmatic are aware of MiRealSource’s business model and will sign the Joint Photo Copyright Document to ensure that the required photo copyrights are in place for the photos to be uploaded into the MLS system. This step must be done between the photographers, agents, and brokers.

Copyright Documents:

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2. MLS Docs

3. Instanet

If you would like more information about either of these photography companies or to hire a photographer from any of our Affiliate Photographer Members please visit > More > Affiliate Photographer Members


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