The Three Best Tools For Free Lead Capture

We are happy to say that we have three (3) tools unique to MiRealSource members that are proven to provide the best “FREE” Lead Capture. These magical tools are Cloud CMA, ListTrac, and MARKETrends. All three (3) tools are designed to make it EASY to share on social media. Many REALTORS® are under the impression that they get the most lead capture from listing portals; however, according to Inman’s article, Facebook is actually the No. 1 source for leads that the REALTOR® does not pay for.

This is contributed to that old saying “your sphere of influence”, and that sphere is now on Facebook. As discussed in both MiRealSource’s Social Media for REALTORS® and MARKETrends classes, regularly posting on social media and demonstrating that you, as the agent, have the BEST tools AND are the expert in the industry on social media will generate the most lead capture for you.

1. Cloud CMA has a Lead Capture tool that allows agents to post on social media. Once posted, prospects can run a FREE, quick and easy CMA on their own property. This allows them to look at nearby properties, sold prices and features of the homes around them. This is perfect for someone who is thinking about selling!

2. ListTrac (launched in March of 2015) is a single-property website for every active listing in the database. You can share a beautiful custom-designed Single Property Website right from Paragon on multiple social media platforms. Sharing your listings on social media reminds your friends and their friends that you are in the real estate industry, you are doing business, have listings available, and could perhaps capture a potential buyer/seller. ListTrac also provides analytics that will show the number of views that your listings are getting on other sites.

  • The full and most accurate analytics take about six months from now to generate the statistics.

3. MARKETrends (included in your MiRealSource membership) allows you to create custom graphs & charts based on the real estate market from 1 month to 5 years back that you can easily share on many social media platforms. Again, reminding people that you have the most accurate information and are an expert in this industry.

All three (3) tools are included with your membership and sharing on Facebook is proven to provide more lead capture than listing portal sites, and that is just Facebook! Think about the number of possible leads that could generate from using multiple platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.


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